Focus On Your Own Path or An Opportunity to Grow


“I now see that all situations in life that cause resentment are ideal opportunities to work on my inner self. These ordeals are necessary for my growth as I become aware of my dualities. Thus, I de-dramatize situations and have access to the positive cause of my experience.” Mario Duguay – Messages of Light

I am sharing this with you because recently someone took it upon themselves to call me out of the blue to tell me I shouldn’t be supporting a certain person. I’m not sure why she felt it was her business to go out of her way to spread such negativity and to be so hurtful.  And I can’t figure out why did she care and take the time to contact other people about it?

It upset me and activated something inside of my akin to betrayal and outrage. I decided a long time ago, that women need to support each other and stop competitive type behavior that diffuses our power. Not everyone will resonate with us and we must discern what is right and true for ourselves. It is fine if you do or do not appreciate another person’s gifts or their use of them. That is an individual choice.

But it serves no woman or man or our planet to spew  negativity at others, even with the best intention.

After much personal loss and drama a few years ago, I also decided that one of my main purposes in my life is to feel good regardless of outer circumstances. That means, diffusing drama and not getting involved in others’ opinions.

This situation became an opportunity to grow, to examine the part of me that became offended.

We must be authentic to ourselves, but a part of our journey together of awakening consciousness is to recognize that everyone is on their own individual path back to God/Goddess. It’s important to be respectful of that and allow everyone their own journey without our judgment clouding the way. If your focus is on your own path, your own work, you do not have time to waste energy judging what others are doing or are not doing.

Focus on what you desire in your life, not what you don’t want. Keep on your own path, with joy, trust and a sense of adventure in your heart. And remember no one can offend you without your permission.

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