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Forgiveness and Releasing the Past

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Forgiveness is one of the most powerful ways to release subconscious programs. Whenever we hold onto grievances, resentments, guilt or how someone did wrong to us or treated us unfairly, we create a powerful energy hold in the subconscious part of our mind.  This powerful energy hold blocks the flow of divine light through our energy systems, creating blocks in our physical, mental and emotional energy bodies.

The Ego Holds Incredible Power in Our Subconscious Mind

Whenever we are offended or have a need to be right or vindicate ourselves, we are operating from ego consciousness. Ego consciousness will never be the path to what we desire. It completely blocks us from the flow of divine energy and unlimited universal wisdom that is available to the subconscious mind. It keeps us stuck in victim mentality perpetuating old programs that are self-defeating and will sabotage every effort to find happiness.

Do You Want to Be Right or Do You Want To Be Happy?

Based upon the Law of Attraction, every experience you have ever had is due to something magnetic within you. Call it your soul or divine self, there is an unseen part of you that has the desire to learn something so that you may grow and evolve.

By accepting responsibility for every experience whether perceived as good or bad is a very important step in the path of forgiveness.

Next, asking some great questions, without blame, how you may have contributed to the situation from your own past conditionings and perhaps skewed perceptions. Typically, someone cannot annoy or aggravate you without something inside of you becoming activated. You must give your permission to be offended by someone else.

A Releasing Ritual Can Be Very Cleansing

Doreen Virtue, author of Divine Guidance and Angel Therapy has a great releasing statement: “I release the part of me that gets irritated when I think of you.”

Releasing statements can be very effective. A good time to do releasing energy work is during the full moon, or the waning or dark moon, just before a new moon.

A releasing statement that I like and use when needed is a lot like this one from Mario Duguay’s Messages of Light cards, “I release all grudges, all judgment, all unforgiveness (and resentments, I added this). I express those things that hurt me, those things that upset me; all that I perceive as duality. My words allow me to release any heavy crystallization within me. As I share my feelings and assert myself, I release, I regain my lightness of being.”

Another is one I created. “I forgive and release everyone with whom I have ever perceived having harmed me in anyway. I release us all in all directions of time and space, we are now free and clear forever.”

At some point as we evolve it is much easier to just let others have their opinions, as we focus on being truly happy, healthy and putting our energy into things that raise our vibration.

To learn more specifically about the power of forgiveness, I highly recommend the book, Radical Forgiveness, by Colin C. Tipping.

Would love to hear your insights about forgiveness and how it has worked in your life. Please leave a comment and promote your own blog or website.

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